A Coffee And A Donut…

I think this is the first blog I’ve written and rewritten so many times my head is spinning! As a result I’ve decided to share a conversation with you:

Tina, what’s going on that you can’t communicate what you are feeling? What do you want to say that is so difficult?

I decided to change the price of my book to $9.95

Awesome! Why?

I think if I lower the price more people can access it.

That’s great but you worked really hard on this book.

I know but honestly, I just want to help people. That’s the main reason I wrote “The Decision”. It’s truthful, inspiring and I think will motivate people to LIVE WITH AUTHENTICITY. That’s so important to me! I know what it feels like to live in pain and suffer on a daily basis. I want to help people find their JOY!

But don’t you want to make money? You are cutting the price of the book in half!

I know! I LOVE BEING THE BOSS! Haha, of course, I have bills to pay just like everyone else but after jogging, meditating and listening to my instinct and true intention, it is more important to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

So why is it so hard to tell them? This is a really GOOD thing! Do you think people will judge you?

They might but how can they fault me for being honest? How can they fault me for wanting to help people? It’s the right thing to do.

Do you think they’ll feel like your book is worth LESS now that you are lowering the price?

I hope not, but that is a risk I’m willing to take. “The Decision” still contains my story told with absolute HONESTY and VULNERABILITY. It gives steps on how I processed past PAIN and current STRESS and it shares how I found joy in my life and how I SUSTAIN that JOY. The content of the book hasn’t changed. All I’ve done is made it more accessible in order to get the message into more people’s hands. I think that’s a good thing!

What does your ego say?

Ooo, my ego is nasty. It says I shouldn’t lower the price of my book because it will look bad. My ego is very scared of what people will think. It’s so negative!

And what does your INSTINCT say?

My instinct just wants to help people!

What voice is stronger, fear or instinct?

INSTINCT. Fear is louder but instinct is STRONGER.

Helping people is my priority.

As mentioned in “Before and AFTER”, I will always share honestly and openly with you. I was not struggling with the choice of lowering the price of the book but rather in how to tell you. As always, the best policy for me is to be honest about it!

I am HAPPY to tell you the book is now basically the price of a cup of coffee and a donut.

So, you can drive through Starbucks and place your daily order or purchase the book and see how it can change your life. You can invest in Starbucks or you can invest in yourSELF.


If you aren’t, perhaps “The Decision” will resonate with you and help you make the changes to find your AUTHENTIC HAPPINESS.

Thank you for reading today’s blog. I always feel so grateful that you stopped by and shared my site with others. Please keep the emails, comments and messages flowing. Your input is greatly appreciated.

With a smile,



  1. Shayne Meyers says:

    Tina, you are speaking my language :o ) I am currently doing a Master of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership at Geneva College and my leadership model of choice is Authentic Leadership. Some would argue that authentic leadership is more of a core construct for other stand alone leadership models, others are convincingly making the argument that it is a stand alone model. Either way you look at it, being authentic is the defining characteristic and being authentic is all about being true to yourself in a manner that allows those you lead to really “know” you and therefore, trust you. An authentic leader sets aside self-interest (though they do not completely disgard self-interest) and places the interests of those they lead as a primary concern.

    Anyway, without going into a big long lecture on authentic leadership, all this to say that I applaud you for your decision to make your book more accessible and for the altruistic values that motivate your decision. I wish you much success, not as the world defines success, but as God defines success – loving and serving others. God bless.

    In Christ,

    Shayne Meyers.

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