THE Jog Blog – 63

I have two GOALS when I train:

  1. Get out the door.
  2. Jog.

I don’t worry about my PBT (personal best time), heart rate (beats per minute) or monitoring my pace (10 minute mile). I like to challenge myself with speed, hills and distance but for my maintenance runs I focus on other things.

I absorb the BEAUTY around me, stop and take photos, LISTEN to nature, people watch and MEDITATE on the rhythm of my footsteps. I love the flow of creative thoughts and the processing of any stress, anxiety or past pain that may be creeping into my life. The ENDORPHIN rush lasts for most of the day.


Someone asked me:

“Do you always look forward to your jogs?”

HA! NO!! There are definitely times when I do not want to go outside and I have to push myself out the door but what I’ve learned is this:

“Sometimes the BEST workouts are the ones you didn’t want to do.”

I almost didn’t honour my jogging schedule yesterday. I pretty much had myself talked out of it. My arguments, rationalizations and excuses were all carefully selected.

I can’t jog today; I need to write! I have deadlines and I have less time to get things done. Will you look at that to-do list?! That will not get done if you go for a jog. You can jog tomorrow Tina…or wait until your next scheduled running day on Friday. Missing one day isn’t going to kill you. Get the writing done so that’s not stressing you out. YOU DON’T REALLY FEEL LIKE GOING ANYWAY, so get something done in place of jogging.

Luckily, I did not listen to that sexy, sultry and convincing liar. I put on my runners and got out the door.

I finished my jog super HAPPY as I’d written three speeches and one blog in that time period. I was more productive because I jogged!

Jogging is a constant test of my character.

  • Do I honour my word?
  • Do I lie and make excuses?
  • Do I walk the walk that I talk?
  • Am I making happiness my priority?
  • Am I choosing health over habit?
  • Am I living authentically?


It’s not always the easiest choice, but it is always the best choice and the one that keeps me HAPPY, HEALTHY and INSPIRED.


I’ll leave you with this funny quote from Garfield:

“I might as well exercise; I’m in a bad mood anyway!”


With a smile,


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