Ask And You Shall Receive

Is this true? I know I’ve asked for things in the past and didn’t get it.

“Please let this be the winning lottery ticket.”

“Please let there be a parking space.”

“Please don’t let me get sick this week.”

Not all requests get answered.

I’ve also heard “NO” many times. I now realize that the word NO stands for:


Let me explain the GIFT OF ASKING and the GIFT OF NO.

This past weekend I went to a conference in Los Angeles, California.

Saturday was a long day with lots of information squished into my brain. I was tired, hungry and ready for a rest before we had to go to another function later that night.

I have a wee infatuation with firemen. It’s just for FUN; nothing serious…well…maybe I do have a bit of a problem…ok, ok, I love firemen.

Any time I see one, I must stop and get a photo.

It could be mid walk…

…mid run…

Or, mid conference…

As we waited with thousands of others for a taxi cab, I saw a big, bright red fire truck in the distance.

“FIRE TRUCK!!!!!!!”

I shoved my phone into Jody’s hand, bolted down the street, sprinted through the cross walk and weaved through 3 rows of cars in downtown LA on a hot sunny night. I zipped through until I reached the fire truck and ASKED if I could have my photo taken with them.

“Sure!” he said in a friendly manner.

I hopped on the front bumper and waited for Jody to take the photo. Waiting even for a few seconds seems like eternity when you are holding up traffic! I was not going to lose this OPPORTUNITY. I stayed on that front bumper until I knew she had the photo.

Woman, sprinting down the sidewalk, through traffic, sitting on a fire truck bumper in the middle of rush hour in front of thousands of people just coming out of a business conference…yup, I’d say she was nuts! I did not care. I didn’t think about it! All I saw was OPPORTUNITY and I took it! I may be crazy, but crazy got results!

How did I get this OPPORTUNITY?

  1. I recognized it.
  2. I ran for it (literally).
  3. I asked.
  4. I received.

That is how you get an opportunity. You CREATE IT for yourSELF.

Later that night we went to a pre-organized function. It was busy downtown as there was a basketball game with the Lakers: Lots of people and lots of energy. I LOVED it.

At the end of the night, after hours in high heel shoes (They are fabulous but my feet were starting to hurt), we decided to get a cab. We tried for quite a while but could not get one. We walked to a hotel but still could not get a cab.

I spotted a limo driving by. I asked my friends jokingly:

“Will a limo work?”

“Sure,” they responded, also jokingly.

I waved at the limo driver and ASKED if he had anyone in the back. He didn’t so then I ASKED how much he charged. He wanted to know where we were going. I told him our hotel and he said:

“Hop in. It’s free.”

WOW! WHAT A GIFT! We got to ride downtown LA in a limo FOR FREE!


I ASKED!!! It really was as simple as that.

Because we were rejected by all those cabs saying NO to us, we found a NEW OPPORTUNITY by ASKING and as a result we got to ride in a limo for FREE!

So, what are YOU going to ask for? What NO are you going to turn into a NEW OPPORTUNITY?

Thanks LA, I had a blast!

With a smile,


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