THE Jog Blog – 61

(I’m FEELING a bit FLUSHED, how about you?)

F is an important letter for me. I started to run on my 39th birthday with the goal of running FORTY kilometers on my FORTIETH birthday. I worked hard and ultimately celebrated that goal. I changed my life in a profound way. For FUN, I thought I’d write today’s blog in honour of the letter F…and when I think of the letter F, I automatically think of FIREMEN…they are my FAVORITE!

Here are FIFTEEN (or so) reasons why I run for FUN!

FIRST, I have been known to run for FIREMEN.

I run to keep FIT.


I like to run FAST and I like to run FAR.

I love running with FRIENDS and FAMILY.

I run to process my FEELINGS.

I run to FORGIVE and I run to FORGET.

I run to FIND mySELF.

Running makes me FEARLESS.

I love to run FREE.

I run to FOCUS.


I run because I like moving FORWARD in life.

I ran FORTY kilometers on my FORTIETH birthday.

I ran FORTY TWO kilometers on my FORTY SECOND birthday!

I have run FURTHER than I ever thought I would!

I run to FINISH.

I will run on FRIDAY.

I will run FOREVER.

Life is completely different for me now that I’ve incorporated running into my life. I truly am living my FORTIES better than I’ve ever lived my thirties. I have embraced who I am and it gives me the FREEDOM to live life to the FULLEST.

Wishing you a FABULOUS, FANTASTIC and FUN weekend my FRIENDS.

With a smile,



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