What Is YOUR nOrMaL?

NORMAL is defined as: usual, average, the standard or common type.

For some people normal is hitting the snooze button six times before actually getting out of bed. For others it’s coming home, immediately cracking open a beer and sitting in front of the TV. In my mind, ‘normal’ is what we experience often or on a regular basis.

So what is YOUR NORMAL?

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I had some amazing conversations this weekend. One conversation was with my friend and coach Jody Kennett about the speed of life.

We talked about how stressful situations can help put your priorities into perspective. As a society we seem to be so busy ‘doing’ or ‘buying’ we’re not really connecting even though we have every gadget and application to do so. We seem to be more disconnected emotionally than ever before. Activities and material things have taken over the simple but seemingly complex act of sitting down and having an honest conversation.

We are too busy driving to soccer games, dance recitals, or track meets to make dinner. We are too exhausted after doing the laundry, house cleaning, yard work, focusing on our career, paying our bills, taking care of our kids, our aging parents, supporting our spouses, dealing with custody lawyers, or keeping track of our teenagers to remember to ask how someone’s day was. Your day still isn’t over because you have the floors to wash, the bathroom to clean and you have to clip the dog’s nails….and don’t forget about those mounting emails.

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Talk Until Someone Listens

On Sunday, as I was writing in my journal with my cup of warm, sweet Chai and loving dog beside me, I was also sending out ‘happy morning texts,’ which I do from time to time to family, friends and students.

I sent one text to a friend of mine who is having a particularly difficult time. His text said,

“Sitting here looking at the gorgeous sunny day, drinking my Chai…a moment of peace I send to you… xo”

Then, in a matter of seconds my life changed by one phone call.

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Ug, that question plagued my life for 30 years.

Why am I here? What am I suppose to be doing? Why isn’t the answer easy? Why do I feel so lost? Confused?

It was a heavy phrase that boomed in my head, haunting my life:


In my early 30’s I was deeply depressed and it took all my energy to get off the couch and meet someone for coffee. I isolated, wrote in my journal and cried day upon day. I was in a very dark place.

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Are YOU An Amazing Woman?

The answer to that question is a resounding YES!

The other day I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine. She said,

“I want to be an amazing woman.”

I asked her to define ‘amazing’. She proceeded to tell me about her sister-in-law who owns and operates a successful company making exceptional money, has a nice house and a couple of cars for her and her husband as they raise their young child, jogs half marathons, has a tidy house and is able to pull off a lovely family dinner for six or eight people without missing a beat.

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