Celebrate Every Side Of YOU!

I saw this ad and had to take a photo. Every once in a while advertisers get it right. In this case it was Winners.

Do you celebrate every side of YOU? Can you look in the mirror every single day and think:

“Girrrrl, you look fine. Look at that chin. You are rocking that dimpled chin! Look at your stomach, shoulder, mole, wrinkle, knuckle and cellulite. You are the bomb!”

I don’t do that! I wish I could say I did, but that wouldn’t be honest. I have days where I’ll look in the mirror and there will be some part of my body that my critical eye will rest upon and spew negativity towards.

It’s so sad because I’m not appreciating a part of who I am! I am being critical, mean and negative towards mySELF. On those days I have a negative body image.

So, if YOU, who is with yourSELF 24/7 for the rest of your life is being critical of your body: STOP!

How can you possibly go into the world with a whole sense of the BEAUTIFUL YOU that you truly are if you are judging yourSELF and nurturing a negative body image. That’s not right.

It’s sad to think you may think anything less than:

“I love my body. I love this truly amazing machine that breathes, blinks, digests, and fights disease. I love this miraculous body that really knows how to take care of itself if I listen.”

Today, I encourage you to join me. I am going to STOP THE NEGATIVITY and CELEBRATE EVERY SIDE OF ME and I want YOU to do the same for yourSELF!

I CELEBRATE THE BUMP ON MY NOSE. I don’t particularly like it but it’s part of my face. It is part of my body. It is a part of me!

I CELEBRATE MY STRETCH MARKS. When I hit 16 I had a growth spurt. That growth spurt created stretch marks and all the creams in the world won’t get rid of them. They are a part of how my body grew. I love me; therefore, I love them.

I CELEBRATE MY TEETH. They are crooked, uneven and not bright white. I celebrate the teeth I have because they still chomp down well on a good sandwich. That’s what I was born with and I will not criticize what I was given!

I CELEBRATE MY WRINKLES. I am 42 years old and getting older. Wrinkles are a natural part of life. They are road maps of our experiences, good, bad and lovely. They are the storytellers of our face so I celebrate my wrinkles! The only difference today is I plan on creating them with laughter instead of fear, anxiety or stress.

Today make the choice to look in the mirror and send the HEALING ENERGY of LOVE towards the parts of your body you have been critical. Please don’t invest in negative body image. CELEBRATE EVERY SIDE OF YOU!



With a smile,



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