THE Jog Blog – 68

I RUN for FUN.

I have suffered enough in my life that I do not want to suffer when I run. I jog for HAPPINESS, QUALITY OF LIFE, HEALTH and BALANCE not for more pain or negative self talk:

“You should be running faster, longer, harder etc. You aren’t doing it right. You are slow, weak, etc.”

I definitely CHALLENGE myself but I don’t beat myself up.


There is only one letter difference and what’s in the middle is U!

Often people will tell me:

I hate jogging. There is nothing FUN about jogging. It’s too hard. I can’t do it.

Have you tried?

Often people haven’t even tried, they’ve just decided it’s too hard.

If you’ve tried, did you get help from a professional like Jody Kennett from Leapfit? Did you buy my book? Are you expecting too much too soon? How’s your ATTITUDE? These things make a big difference in how you experience jogging.

Here are ways I RUN for FUN!

1. I STOP TO SMELL THE FLOWERS…literally. Yesterday I stuck my face into a handful of lilacs. I am blessed to not have allergies, so I allowed my senses to appreciate the beauty of spring.

2. I TAKE PHOTOS. I see things I may use in a blog so I give myself TIME to do this because it’s fun!

3. I CHOOSE MY THOUGHTS . Very important. I process the frustration, anxiety or fear but then I release those thoughts into a hill or a faster pace. It is our free will to CHOOSE what we think and what we nurture. If you approach a run as FUN, chances are you’ll have FUN! If you approach a run as HARD, DIFFICULT, BORING, PAINFUL etc., chances are that will be your experience.

4. I SET GOALS AND SHARE WITH FRIENDS. When I enter an organized event such as Scotia Bank Half Marathon, Vancouver Sun Run or Victoria Marathon I am there to enJOY the experience, have FUN, run, LAUGH, take photos and APPRECIATE the people around me.

As my dear sole sister Jill said when she post my Vancouver Sun Run on Facebook:

“I truly ♥ this woman! I’ve had the privilege of running with her a couple of times, and I LOVE that it’s always about the time she had, never the time she got… Can’t wait to make more memories in June, Tina!”

Here are my PRIORITIES when I run:





We all have our own goals and priorities. I know this won’t work for some people but it works for me.

I hope you have a beautiful, FUN weekend! To my American friends, have a safe and rejuvenating long weekend.

See you on Tuesday!

With a smile,


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