Living Authentically

What does living authentically mean?

I have based this website on inspired, authentic living, but I may not have explained what that means, to me.

Authentic living means that I live a life of HONESTY.

I am being honest to myself about my past and my current behavior and patterns. I am being honest to others – telling the truth with the purest of intentions. It is a life without lying, cheating, or manipulating…whether in my own actions or those around me. It is separating myself from the negativity and damage that not telling the truth creates. Lying creates shame and guilt so living authentically is creating a life that doesn’t involve actions that create those feelings.

Authentic living means that I listen to my INSTINCT.

I connect to that side of myself through jogging and meditation. For me, when I jog, I connect to the deepest part of myself. Once I’ve connected, I process, I heal and I create change within myself and what I don’t like around me. Listening to my instinct usually involves the ocean and journaling. Both create a connection to self.

Authentic living means that I live with INTEGRITY.

I am the same person to your face as I am behind your back. I speak with love, honesty, and truth. I honor what I say. I honor what I do. I honor who I am and who I was before. It means that I surround myself with other people who live with integrity and honesty. I am passionate about this because I have not always had that in my past and it corrodes my spirit. I want to be surrounded with what I demand from myself.

Authentic living means I seek to UNDERSTAND.

I want to understand who I am, where I came from and why I made certain choices in my life. It’s taking the harder, more difficult road of facing past choices and mistakes and then it’s understanding them and correcting them. This can be a painful process and sometimes I don’t like what I see, but it’s through understanding that I create change. Change means there is growth so I seek to learn the truth about my actions so I can change them in the future.

Authentic living means I honor mySELF.

I honor my emotions. If I am feeling angry or scared, I don’t want to ignore it. I want to feel it, validate it and then deal with it. I honor my promises to myself. If I can’t or don’t honor them I am truthful about why. I also apply this to others. It may not be the easy choice, but it is the right choice. It is being the person I am versus the person you want me to be. I can’t do it all, and be it all for everyone, so I must do and be for myself first. Through that, I can offer far more to others.

Authentic living means I am GRATEFUL.

I can’t imagine living without gratitude. I may not have much money, expensive clothes or a new car, but I am so grateful for the things I do have: the ocean, the hiking trails, my dear friends, my family, my students, my sweet dog, my writing, my voice, my health and all the opportunities and gifts I have received. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and feel blessed on a daily basis.

Authentic living means at the end of the day I can look in the mirror and know that I was the best Tina I could be. I told the truth to myself and to others and if I have amends, I will make those amends. I know that I am living a loving, truth-filled life with integrity and the truest of intentions. If my true intention is to live authentically, then mistakes, errors in judgment and other life struggles are opportunities to learn and grow…

If you can’t look in the mirror today because you know you are not living authentically – that some part of your life is not genuine then ask yourself why. Why would you live a life that creates negative consequences and feelings when you have another option? Start making the changes today to be who you were meant to be…create the best life for yourself, you deserve it!

With a smile,



That was an interesting question for me. Before, I would have said,

“No, I deserve to be happy.”

But that’s not really answering the question, is it?

I started to understand this about myself when I completed my 40k run on my 40th birthday. I was the happiest I’d ever been in my life. It was a joyful time because I felt like I was moving forward and making positive changes. I had dealt with a lot of issues and had the tools to continue to improve my life. That was true, but I had a very big lesson to learn.

Because of this new found strength and happiness, I decided to allow a relationship back into my life that I had terminated while I was training. I terminated it because it was toxic to me. Jogging helped me process that relationship, challenge that relationship and finally JOGGING GAVE ME THE STRENGTH TO END IT. But after some time away, my memory started to play tricks on me. I began thinking of the favorable memories and minimizing the painful, harmful ones. Besides, with the skills I learned while jogging, I thought that I could handle it better.

It was MADNESS, but I allowed this relationship and all the chaos, stress, negativity and dysfunction back in.

I didn’t know how to handle my new found happiness. I had to sabotage it somehow, and this relationship was by far the best choice because it was familiar to me.

HAPPINESS had eluded me for so many years that I felt really uncomfortable with it. I know that sounds odd but I honestly didn’t know how to handle it. I felt far more secure and safe in misery, shame, guilt and depression. That’s what I knew, so on an unconscious level, that felt more normal. Jogging took me out of that and I didn’t know what to do after I finished that initial goal.

I had my high and now I needed my low.

Thankfully it didn’t last long and as I was reeling from the madness and maintaining short runs, I decided to return to more intensive jogging. I accepted a new physical goal of running a half marathon….thanks to the pushing of one good friend who had no idea how important that half marathon was to me. It was difficult with my insane work schedule and stress level but once again:

Jogging saved my life.

It helped me get CENTERED, allowed me to hear MY TRUTH and gave me the STRENGTH to end the madness, for good.

Today, I sustain my happiness and relish in my joy and I’m not afraid of it. It’s a daily gift that I am very grateful for.

Jogging connects me to my truth and in turn, gives me profound happiness.

When you find something that truly connects you to your inner self, JOY will be the result.

For some it’s yoga, others it’s hiking or cycling and for others it’s creating music… for me….it’s jogging…it opens me up and fills me with more than I could ever imagine. I truly hope you find that for yourself because it is a blessing.

If you are sabatoging your happiness, even in the smallest of ways, ask yourself why. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to feel joy and love. You deserve the best life. You can make that happen.

With a smile


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She’s CRAZY…Isn’t She?

In my past I have been referred to as, “hormonal”, “crazy”, “emotionally unstable” and “damaged”. Sometimes I accepted those labels because I didn’t have the strength to fight them.

Now I know, CRAZY has a name but it’s not Tina Moore.

This is the most sane I’ve ever been in my life! This is the happiest and most connected I’ve ever been.

I have absolute clarity in what I want and what I don’t want, but when you change, there will be some people in your life who don’t like it. They will feel threatened or fearful that they themselves will be exposed for who they really are.

It’s a scary thing for them when their role in your life changes.

I could accept those labels as truth, but just because they are said doesn’t mean they are factual. The truth is, I left crazy in the dust and for the first time my vision of myself isn’t influenced by insults, and cruel manipulations. I am no longer surrounded by chaos and I now feel a deep connection to who I really am.

Crazy to me is defined as confusing:

  • Rage for passion
  • Secrecy for privacy
  • Lies for truth
  • Broken promises as hope
  • Insults as affection
  • Abuse for love
  • Age as wisdom
  • Control as support
  • Words as action
  • Shame as acceptance
  • Guilt as normal
  • A monologue as conversation
  • Excuses as truths
  • Betrayal as loyalty

Life is about honoring my word to myself for it has long been ignored. It’s about embracing the very essence of who I am and surrounding myself with people that honor and respect me as I do them.

I am realizing my VALUE, WORTH and PURPOSE and I will protect that inner spirit from the negative influences it’s been exposed to in the past.

I will use my voice and share what I have learned as I wade through my past and figure out why I made the choices I did. Is that crazy? Well, I guess for some it is…but for me, it’s the closest thing to JOY, LOVE and ACCEPTANCE that I’ve ever felt.

I am coming home to myself; that is COURAGEOUS, not crazy…

One thing that was said to me that I do agree with,

“You are a product of your environment”.

There is truth in that statement, and when I changed what was around me, I began to change what was inside of me too.

If you are accepting labels thrown at you, see them for what they really are, a way to push you down and stifle your true authentic self.

You are a precious human being…

My hope for you today is that truth resonates within you.

With a smile


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Personal Inventory

Inspired Living HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2011 arrived with a gorgeous sunny day, an amazing hike through a rain forest and then a leisurely stroll along the ocean with great conversation and lots of laughs in between. Later that day, the sunset was truly on fire. It had such an intense, vibrant color…I’ve seen many sunsets but this was magical…this was pure energy, and I felt a deep sense of being truly alive.

It was a blessed way to start a new year.

I did an inventory of my previous year. Have you ever done that? It’s an excellent exercise to help you recognize what you’ve ACCOMPLISHED in a year, as well as where you are now and what you’d like to change. Remember from last week’s blog, we are a work in progress. It’s ok to recognize and accept those things in your life you’d like to change, but don’t use it as an opportunity to beat yourself up.

When I think of where I was a year ago versus where I am now, it’s shocking. Today I am smiling from the inside out whereas last year at this time I was on a chaotic and dysfunctional roller coaster. I had allowed some things back into my life and as a result I was bitterly unhappy, stuck in dysfunction and suffocating in turmoil due to that decision.

These are actual journal entries from last year:

January 1, 2010 4:30 p.m.

I’m sitting in Chapters and it’s the first time I’ve had to myself where I didn’t feel completely exhausted and depleted. It has been an extremely difficult, painful and emotional time.

January 3, 2010 8:40 a.m.

The patterns continue, the frustration, the low self esteem and the anger that for some reason is pointed towards me. I am tired of other people’s baggage…I’m tired of being called a burden, a liability, a source of pain…I’m tired of the twisting of truths and guilt trips…here it is January 3rd and all I’ve written about is DRAMA. I HAVE TO TURN THIS AROUND.

And I did. One year later I’m writing about blessings, joy, laughter, fresh air, jogging, friendships and support.

Time is such a gift and we take it for granted. A year is not a long time and yet, it’s amazing how much you can accomplish and change.

Here is a look at my personal inventory over the last year:

  • I faced enormous fears that came at me from different angles. I walked out the other side a stronger, happier more informed person who has a better understanding of myself.
  • I created a goal, researched that goal and then reached that goal.
  • I began truly following my PASSION and LOVING it.
  • I helped people, something that is of immense importance to me.
  • I ran a ½ marathon with women I didn’t know who I now can call my friends.
  • I actively got rid of negative forces in my life and replaced them with positive, loving and loyal sources.
  • I am more PRESENT in my life because I am thinking about what is right for me and no longer worrying to such an enormous, unhealthy degree of what is right for others. This is not called selfishness but rather SELF CARE.
  • I challenged people who were abusing me.
  • I listened to my INSTINCT and didn’t second guess it or ignore it all together
  • I created an environment that INSPIRES me on a daily basis.
  • I LAUGHED more…
  • I DANCED more…
  • I began my next goal of running 42k on my 42nd birthday
  • I discovered my STRENGTH physically, mentally and emotionally and I put it to use
  • Authenticity became a priority in my life

Yes, I had money problems, relationship issues, anxiety, stress and bouts of depression BUT through the clarity I get from JOGGING, I was able to turn those things around and create many happy, blessed and loving days.

2009 started the metamorphosis, 2010 strengthened the foundation and 2011 will confirm the hard work I’ve been doing.

Do an inventory of your last year and once you’re done you can look at this coming year and recommit to some of your previous goals as well as make new ones.

You have the power to change your life. Never forget that.


Do it for yourself and make it a priority.

Start today. Start NOW because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

With a smile


I Am A Work In Progress

I Am A Work In Progress In the past, I have written about JOGGING opening me up so I am sustaining JOY and HAPPINESS. I’ve mentioned that I’m laughing more and creating strong friendships. I’ve spoken of toxic relationships and how my life has improved by ending or limiting those relationships. I have mentioned feeling GRATITUDE, witnessing many BLESSINGS, feeling LOVE, as well as stress, anxiety, and money problems. And I always speak of the physical exertion of JOGGING consistently making me feel better no matter what has happened before.

Those statements are all true. I am happier than ever before, laughing more and surrounding myself with positive, supportive people. JOGGING has been a integral part of that….but I’m a work in progress.

I make decisions that sometimes are reminders of what doesn’t work for me or I get challenges from new people that help me exercise my instinct. I don’t always rise to the occasion with grace and wisdom. No, I trip, I falter, I hesitate, I question, I doubt and I worry.

Sometimes I lose sight of what’s important and what are the priorities. Sometimes I get complacent, lazy and procrastinate. And sometimes, if it’s a particularly bad day, I will sit in front of the TV, watch movies, eat junk food, drink a glass of wine and accept that it’s a wasted day.

But is it?

If I have a series of days like that, then yes, it’s a questionable period of time that I need to pay attention to… but one or two days is a gentle reminder of what doesn’t work for me. I don’t feel better when I spend days like that. I feel low in energy, and tired but more importantly I don’t feel good about myself because I haven’t accomplished anything.

JOGGING helps me identify why I make the choices I do, some good, some not so good. I pay attention to my patterns or old coping mechanisms. You can’t fix something if you don’t identify it. And for some things, I have to continually identify it, expose it and then make a different choice. Not always easy, but as I’ve said, I’m a work in progress….

So keeping that in mind, I have not made any New Year’s Resolutions; instead I am recommitting to myself and the life I want to live. I believe I am setting myself up for SUCCESS not failure by doing this. New Year’s Resolutions have never worked for me; therefore, by revisiting my goals and recommitting to myself I am entering the New Year on a positive and hopeful note. Isn’t that what it’s suppose to be about?

If you make a New Year’s resolution, remember: be gentle with yourself and others. You are a work in progress…it’s a life journey we all take…and by embracing ourselves, and each other, we can make that journey a little less isolating and a little more gratifying.

I am with you, one step at a time…and you are with me…one step at a time. Together, we’ll move forward, both, a work in progress.

Wishing you strength when you feel weak, love when you feel alone and faith when you feel lost, in 2011…

With a smile


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