THE Jog Blog – 68

I RUN for FUN.

I have suffered enough in my life that I do not want to suffer when I run. I jog for HAPPINESS, QUALITY OF LIFE, HEALTH and BALANCE not for more pain or negative self talk:

“You should be running faster, longer, harder etc. You aren’t doing it right. You are slow, weak, etc.”

I definitely CHALLENGE myself but I don’t beat myself up.


There is only one letter difference and what’s in the middle is U!

Often people will tell me:

I hate jogging. There is nothing FUN about jogging. It’s too hard. I can’t do it.

Have you tried?

Often people haven’t even tried, they’ve just decided it’s too hard.

If you’ve tried, did you get help from a professional like Jody Kennett from Leapfit? Did you buy my book? Are you expecting too much too soon? How’s your ATTITUDE? These things make a big difference in how you experience jogging.

Here are ways I RUN for FUN!

1. I STOP TO SMELL THE FLOWERS…literally. Yesterday I stuck my face into a handful of lilacs. I am blessed to not have allergies, so I allowed my senses to appreciate the beauty of spring.

2. I TAKE PHOTOS. I see things I may use in a blog so I give myself TIME to do this because it’s fun!

3. I CHOOSE MY THOUGHTS . Very important. I process the frustration, anxiety or fear but then I release those thoughts into a hill or a faster pace. It is our free will to CHOOSE what we think and what we nurture. If you approach a run as FUN, chances are you’ll have FUN! If you approach a run as HARD, DIFFICULT, BORING, PAINFUL etc., chances are that will be your experience.

4. I SET GOALS AND SHARE WITH FRIENDS. When I enter an organized event such as Scotia Bank Half Marathon, Vancouver Sun Run or Victoria Marathon I am there to enJOY the experience, have FUN, run, LAUGH, take photos and APPRECIATE the people around me.

As my dear sole sister Jill said when she post my Vancouver Sun Run on Facebook:

“I truly ♥ this woman! I’ve had the privilege of running with her a couple of times, and I LOVE that it’s always about the time she had, never the time she got… Can’t wait to make more memories in June, Tina!”

Here are my PRIORITIES when I run:





We all have our own goals and priorities. I know this won’t work for some people but it works for me.

I hope you have a beautiful, FUN weekend! To my American friends, have a safe and rejuvenating long weekend.

See you on Tuesday!

With a smile,


THE Jog Blog – 67

I love running the Lions Gate Bridge. It is one of my favorite runs to do.

My dear friend, Jody Kennett, from Leapfit introduced me to the LGB:

“You have to do the bridge!” she said.

She was right! I love the challenge of the incline (it doesn’t seem to end) and the incredible view. It also leads me to a gorgeous run on the other side that circles around Stanley Park along the seawall.

I am funny about the bridge. I don’t like to stop while I’m on it.

I’ll be perfectly frank. It’s my EGO.

Yup, my ego will not let me stop on the bridge and let all those drivers see me walk instead of run (like they care). It’s good training for me. I challenge myself to run that long, gradual climb which plays with your brain because you think it’s over when in fact, you still have far more to go.

I ALWAYS LISTEN TO MY BODY FIRST. I use my ego to motivate me not cause harm. If my body was in pain, I’d STOP but my ego can push me through when perhaps I ‘might’ stop when I didn’t really need to.

I am also obeying the signs. No turning around…

…and no stopping either! Hehe.

Here are some facts about the Lions Gate Suspension Bridge from Wikipedia:

• Its official name is “First Narrows Bridge”

• It crosses over the Burrard Inlet and bridges Stanley Park and downtown Vancouver to North and West Vancouver.

• Construction on the bridge started in March 1937 and it opened November 14, 1938

• It is just under 2 kilometers across (one way).

• Daily volume across the bridge is in between 60,000 – 70,000 cars

When I did this particular run on the weekend, it was a bit eerie. If you look at these photos, not one car was seen in either direction as I returning.

Then, a lone empty bus crossed over. I felt like I was in the apocalypse!

If you are traveling to this beautiful city and you like to walk, jog or cycle, please make the Lions Gate Bridge a part of your plans. It’s simply glorious and you won’t be disappointed! Remember to share the road, cyclists on the LEFT, walkers/runners on your RIGHT.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. I am so blessed to be off to Los Angeles with a dear friend for INSPIRATION, MOTIVATION and INFORMATION and yes, a whole lot of FUN!

See you on Tuesday!

With a smile,


THE Jog Blog – 66


It’s FUN!

(Ok, not always)


With a smile,


PS. Happy Mother’s Day to all those caring, patient, loving and supportive Mothers.

Couch to 40k

I was looking through the behind-the-scenes part of my website and saw someone had done a search online with this phrase:

Couch to 40k

Voila! They found my website! I LOVE that!

Yes, Tina Moore was “couch” for 39 years…

Look at the photo…I was even too lazy to hold my own bottle! Exercise and Tina Moore never shared the same sentence unless someone was making a joke and I was the brunt of it.

  • I hated to sweat.
  • I hated to move.
  • I hated how hard it was to exercise.

Perhaps I should have called my book: “Couch to 40k” because that is certainly my story.

Ask my friends, they will tell you I NEVER EXERCISED! They will tell you I preferred wine and evidently couches and remote controls.

Today, I celebrate ALL THE KILOMETERS that got me to 21k (half marathons), 40k (on my 40th birthday) and 42k (full marathon on my 42nd birthday).


Today I am HAPPY.

Today I understand the power of a GOAL.

Today I have ENERGY.


It’s not always an easy choice but it’s always the right choice because it is the best thing I’ve ever done for my MENTAL and EMOTIONAL health.

Couch to 40k: I love it. I live it. I am it. I celebrate it.


Couch to 40…sit ups?

Couch to 40…pounds lost?

Couch to 40…minutes walking or jogging?

Couch to 5k? Couch to 10k?

Start small and then shift your goal as you gain physical and emotional strength.

If you need help, CLICK HERE.

I hope you have a glorious weekend full of FRESH AIR, LAUGHTER, LOVE and JOY. Make a point of getting OFF the couch so you can enjoy the BEAUTY of the outdoors. Let the rain hit your face, allow the sunshine to warm your soul. BREATHE and truly enJOY the moment.

See you on Tuesday!

With a smile,


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FUN Sun Run!

Photo by Mark van Mahen

I was very blessed to be one of the 48,904 participants in the Vancouver Sun Run on Sunday, April 15th. In this photo (taken by Mark van Mahen), front and center is my dear friend, Kelly Smith. He won for the 10th time this year!


I was thrilled to join his sister and Mom and some wonderful ladies for their first annual Mother / Daughter group. They were a FUN bunch of gals ranging in ages from 39 to 71.

I have never walked an organized event but I highly recommend it. I was amazed how quickly 10k passed by as I took photos, LAUGHED and chatted with the ladies and absorbed the FUN and EXCITEMENT around us.

I love an event like this because it involves everyone! There were walkers, kids in strollers, competitive athletes, recreational runners and people of all ages and abilities.

There was even a bride-to-be and her bridesmaids! I adore this photo because they look so happy and you can see the strong bond of friendship and love.

With that many people, I was truly in awe at how smoothly everything went. They had water stops along the way and even a food stop to help walkers fuel up.


A very important detail is washrooms and there were plenty of spots to use the facilities if needed. As we waited, we used the time to capture more memories and even had a joyful reunion!

We walked over two bridges. I don’t know why but there is an extra thrill to cross over a bridge during an event. We crossed over the Burrard Street Bridge and Cambie Street Bridge.

This was the perfect spot to take a break and take in the action.

There was plenty of music, which I love. It gets you movin’, groovin’ and singing along!


I am all about having FUN when I run/walk, and this event definitely did not disappoint.

We shared in some animated conversations…

And stopped for bear hugs!

We crossed the finish line together, holding hands and celebrating a wonderful day!

This was a great event. I highly recommend the Vancouver Sun Run. It is a busy run with over 48,000 participants; however, you can still create your own goals, join in the energy and make some great memories.

My goal was to get to know the wonderful women I was walking with and to have FUN.

This was truly a FUN – SUN – RUN!


If you don’t think you could do an event like this, think again. I saw people of all shapes and sizes, ages and abilities. If you make the commitment to do it, you will!

Wishing you a glorious weekend. If you don’t want to miss a post, please check out the side panel and sign up! It’s free, easy and I hate getting junk mail, so I promise I won’t send you any!

See you on Tuesday!

With a smile,


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