THE Jog Blog – 65


JOGGING has been a profound way of managing STRESS, ANXIETY and DEPRESSION in my life. It allows me to tap into my INSTINCT and recognize, understand and process any NEGATIVE FEELINGS I encounter. Jogging helps me filter out the NEGATIVE CHATTER and tap into the POSITIVE, CREATIVE and POWERFUL ENERGY of INSTINCT and PURPOSE.

Jogging gives me CLARITY.


So why do I care whether I get a finishers medal when I enter events? I get so much out of jogging; that should be enough.

Finisher medals prove when I start something, I FINISH.

This is extremely important to me. In my past, I started things and then didn’t have the courage, will or strength to follow through. This intensified the BELIEF I wasn’t worthy or I was stupid, lazy or not good enough.

The finisher medals represent the HARD WORK, COMMITMENT, SACRIFICES and INNER STRENGTH it takes to reach a GOAL.

It proves to me that I am worthy of the TIME, DEDICATION, and SELF CARE it takes to complete the training and the actual event.

It reminds me that I AM NOT A QUITTER.

I do not allow negativity, dream stealers or past belief systems to stop me.

I may still come across those things but I push FORWARD and I EXCEL.

I do not live passively, I LIVE WITH PURPOSE.

The medal is proof of everything that went into it and everything I get out of it. The medal celebrates the CHOICES made and the journey taken. When I look at my medals, I know I can achieve other goals and reach even greater heights.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend full of laughter, love and joy. I am thrilled to be joining some family friends in the Vancouver Sun Run on Sunday and look forward to creating some wonderful memories with them.

See you on Tuesday!

With a smile,



THE Jog Blog – 64

Why do I jog?

I jog for LIFE.

Life can throw some pretty interesting curve balls. What I LOVE about JOGGING is that things that would have devastated me in the past are now just GOOD REASONS TO RUN.

Life’s lessons…life’s funny, ironic, cruel, unfair and deliciously splendid experiences give me a good reason to run a little harder up a hill or take an extra lap around the block. They give me speed, and I’m certainly not bored because I’ve got lots to think about.

I jog when I’m SAD.

I jog when I’m ANGRY.

I jog when I’m ANXIOUS.

I jog to manage DEPRESSION.

I jog to accomplish GOALS.


I jog for COURAGE.


I jog to keep FIT, FABULOUS and FREE.


Wishing you a beautiful Easter weekend full of sunshine, fresh air, laughter, friends and family and of course, a little chocolate!

With a smile,


THE Jog Blog – 63

I have two GOALS when I train:

  1. Get out the door.
  2. Jog.

I don’t worry about my PBT (personal best time), heart rate (beats per minute) or monitoring my pace (10 minute mile). I like to challenge myself with speed, hills and distance but for my maintenance runs I focus on other things.

I absorb the BEAUTY around me, stop and take photos, LISTEN to nature, people watch and MEDITATE on the rhythm of my footsteps. I love the flow of creative thoughts and the processing of any stress, anxiety or past pain that may be creeping into my life. The ENDORPHIN rush lasts for most of the day.


Someone asked me:

“Do you always look forward to your jogs?”

HA! NO!! There are definitely times when I do not want to go outside and I have to push myself out the door but what I’ve learned is this:

“Sometimes the BEST workouts are the ones you didn’t want to do.”

I almost didn’t honour my jogging schedule yesterday. I pretty much had myself talked out of it. My arguments, rationalizations and excuses were all carefully selected.

I can’t jog today; I need to write! I have deadlines and I have less time to get things done. Will you look at that to-do list?! That will not get done if you go for a jog. You can jog tomorrow Tina…or wait until your next scheduled running day on Friday. Missing one day isn’t going to kill you. Get the writing done so that’s not stressing you out. YOU DON’T REALLY FEEL LIKE GOING ANYWAY, so get something done in place of jogging.

Luckily, I did not listen to that sexy, sultry and convincing liar. I put on my runners and got out the door.

I finished my jog super HAPPY as I’d written three speeches and one blog in that time period. I was more productive because I jogged!

Jogging is a constant test of my character.

  • Do I honour my word?
  • Do I lie and make excuses?
  • Do I walk the walk that I talk?
  • Am I making happiness my priority?
  • Am I choosing health over habit?
  • Am I living authentically?


It’s not always the easiest choice, but it is always the best choice and the one that keeps me HAPPY, HEALTHY and INSPIRED.


I’ll leave you with this funny quote from Garfield:

“I might as well exercise; I’m in a bad mood anyway!”


With a smile,


PS. Thank you for sharing my website with others! Your support is greatly appreciated!

THE Jog Blog – 62

Fuel Up!

Food For Runners, Based On My Experience:

1. POWERBAR ENERGY BLASTS – These are AWESOME. I love them during a jog because they don’t stick to my teeth like some do and they have gel inside! They also aren’t too big so they fit inside my pack nicely. I highly recommend these.

2. CLIF BAR – I will eat these the night before a run and I use them at work. They give me a little snack with 10g of protein to sustain me until I can eat a proper meal. There are lots of Clif Bar flavours but I tend to gravitate to the Black Cherry Almond or the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut. In the USA, they also have ones that taste like macaroons. YUM!

3. CLIF SHOT BLOKS – I find these tasty but they do stick to my teeth. Not as bad as some brands though so if I can’t find the other kind, I will choose these.

4. POWERBAR GEL – Ok, I did throw up on these once but it had nothing to do with the product and everything to do with my inexperience. You MUST take these with lots of water. They are concentrated and if you don’t take them with water your poor stomach will respond violently…at least that was my experience. They have good flavours and are easy to pack but please, don’t forget to drink LOTS OF WATER!

5. Raisins! They are nature’s sweet source of iron, calcium, protein and Vitamin C. The nutritional value of raisins gives you energy without taking up too much room and I don’t find they upset my stomach like other things.

6. B&B – Banana and a Bagel! I find this is a great combination for me the morning of a long run. Some people can have peanut butter on their bagel, but I find nuts in any form come back to haunt me later. I like a plain bagel, toasted or not, with a simple banana gives me everything I need before doing distance or hills.

7. After I’ve jogged, I like to drink a tall glass of orange juice and eat a couple boiled eggs with a slice of sharp cheese. YUM!

These are just a few foods that I find agree with me before, during and after my run. They don’t upset my stomach or climb up my throat. They work for me!

It’s suppose to be a lovely, warm weekend in Vancouver so I hope you all have similar spring weather. Go for a walk. Hike in the woods. Cycle a trail. Laugh with friends. Eat a great meal. Count your blessings.

See you on Tuesday!

With a smile,




THE Jog Blog – 61

(I’m FEELING a bit FLUSHED, how about you?)

F is an important letter for me. I started to run on my 39th birthday with the goal of running FORTY kilometers on my FORTIETH birthday. I worked hard and ultimately celebrated that goal. I changed my life in a profound way. For FUN, I thought I’d write today’s blog in honour of the letter F…and when I think of the letter F, I automatically think of FIREMEN…they are my FAVORITE!

Here are FIFTEEN (or so) reasons why I run for FUN!

FIRST, I have been known to run for FIREMEN.

I run to keep FIT.


I like to run FAST and I like to run FAR.

I love running with FRIENDS and FAMILY.

I run to process my FEELINGS.

I run to FORGIVE and I run to FORGET.

I run to FIND mySELF.

Running makes me FEARLESS.

I love to run FREE.

I run to FOCUS.


I run because I like moving FORWARD in life.

I ran FORTY kilometers on my FORTIETH birthday.

I ran FORTY TWO kilometers on my FORTY SECOND birthday!

I have run FURTHER than I ever thought I would!

I run to FINISH.

I will run on FRIDAY.

I will run FOREVER.

Life is completely different for me now that I’ve incorporated running into my life. I truly am living my FORTIES better than I’ve ever lived my thirties. I have embraced who I am and it gives me the FREEDOM to live life to the FULLEST.

Wishing you a FABULOUS, FANTASTIC and FUN weekend my FRIENDS.

With a smile,