Morning Meditation

“Death of an idea can be the birth of creativity” ~ Tina Moore

Some mornings I wake up and before I do anything, there are words of wisdom, thoughts to ponder, voice of God/Spirit/Faith/Love or Source/Energy already placed on my lips, ready to be spoken out loud and shared.

“Death of an idea can be the birth of creativity”

Yesterday, that phrase rung in my ears and settled into my heart. I wondered what it meant and yet, I think I already knew…

I have been pushing, pulling, dragging and forcing certain things in my life and it’s like pushing a river up a mountain…it naturally wants to flow the other way…try as you might and as brilliant as you think you are, pushing that river is not going to happen because it goes against the flow of nature…

Through the death of my ideas (Ego) I allowed the BIRTH of creativity (Heart/Spirit/Instinct/Purpose).

As an artistic and creative person, I understand the creative process. If you force it or judge it, the energy doesn’t flow nearly as well…it might trickle in or not be available at all. You begin to create blocks and those blocks can quickly turn into walls. Those walls are internal not external. I find this happens when fear, stress, overwhelm, expectations and assumptions begin to rule the mind.

Sit still; focus on your INTENTION; realize the true PURPOSE; LISTEN to INSTINCT; have a little FAITH and the creativity flows naturally with ease.

“Death of an idea can be the birth of creativity”.

It’s good to create goals, make a plan, organize your day, keep to schedules but sometimes we need to let go of that for a moment and allow the birth of creativity to flow through us without pushing the timing, having expectations, adding stress or worrying about the ‘to do’ list that hovers above our heads and instead allow the energy, love and creativity to reach our hearts. It is here we honour our JOY.

Today’s morning message had to do with HOPE: Honoring Our Purpose Even when we are scared.

I am very grateful for these morning meditations or gifts from the quietened mind. I believe they are coming more frequently to me because I start and end my day with reading material that connects me to heart/love/spirit/faith/guidance. I also journal every morning and meditate every morning and evening. It’s a practice that is bringing more PEACE and CLARITY into my life. Sometimes I don’t necessarily know what I’m supposed to be learning from certain events but I know in time, the answers are always revealed.

Ultimately, I believe this daily practise will create miracles.

It most certainly infuses new positive and focused energy into my day.

How are you starting your day? Are you putting positive, nurturing and loving thoughts and energy into your consciousness? Are you opening yourself up to RECEIVE? These are questions I ask myself and so I ask them of you as well…

Thanks for being here; I appreciate YOU.

With a smile,


PS. I am PASSIONATE about PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and I’m excited about a wonderful tool I access directly from my phone. If you are interested in knowing more, please send me an email through my contact form and I’ll send you some information. I think it’s pretty cool!

Counting Stars

When was the last time you counted stars?

I was in Kamloops this weekend for graduation celebrations. I also had a fantastic business meeting, visited my Mom whom I miss very much, shared wonderful moments with people I love and celebrated a surprise 50th birthday with some friends. It was my usual type of weekend jam packed with going here and there from morning to night…

It was Saturday night and I was at the birthday celebration. It was great to see all those amazing people, laugh and share stories. As I was saying my goodbye’s I walked outside into the back yard.

My seven year old nephew was on his back on the grass. He had brought out a blanket and pillow and was just staring at the sky.

I asked:

“What are you doing?”

“Oh, just counting stars.”

I smiled. Here in front of me, a young seven year old boy was teaching me a great lesson. I asked if I could join him. He agreed.

We looked at the stars…he’d found 9 at that point and then his sister joined us.

The three of us stared up at the beautiful sky and sometimes we talked, laughed and counted and other times we were still and quiet, lost in the beauty of the night…they counted stars…I counted blessings…both are the same thing if you think about it.

What an absolute gift he gave me that night. The time I spent being still, looking at the sky and embracing the absolute LOVE and JOY I have for these kids made my heart smile all the way home. All my BLESSINGS warmed my soul that night as I thought about the day, the laughter, the absolute pride and happiness I felt towards former students as they graduated and the PRECIOUS TIME spent with those I LOVE. It was the perfect way to end my Saturday.

I think if we all did that after a day of work, looking after children, laundry, dishes, yard work and dealing with the stress and overwhelm of life maybe we’d SLEEP a little better…maybe we’d find a little more GRATITUDE…maybe we’d feel a little more LOVE, KINDNESS and COMPASSION…maybe we’d experience a bit more PEACE…and maybe we’d realize NOW is all the TIME we have and to use it wisely.

I wish you a beautiful Tuesday my friends.

With a smile,




Sit Still And BE Quiet!

Do you remember being told to ‘Sit still and be quiet’ as a kid, either in school, at the doctor’s office, church or at home? Remember how tough it was to stop fidgeting and pay attention to what the adults were saying?

Well, I was having a tough day this week. Negative thoughts were swirling around my head affecting my SLEEP and my FOCUS…I could see the power start to build as the fearful and limiting words appeared in my conscious mind. Words such as:

Can’t, But, If, Won’t and Don’t.

I knew what I had to do so I went for my usual hike into the forest with my dog. I was headed for my favourite tree and started to complain to myself in my head…then these words very loudly came to me:


I got to my tree and sat down…but I wasn’t quiet…I pouted, whining and complaining to God/Universe/Spirit/Energy/Source etc.

“I gave you everything…I told you all my challenges, fears and problems. I gave it to you; why aren’t you helping me?!”

I was angry and hurt, expecting immediate answers and solutions to my current difficulties. I was being extremely childish and I knew it. My little tantrum was interrupted by a quiet, loving but stern voice:

“Yes, Tina, you gave it to me, but you didn’t RELEASE it.”

Wow…that shut me up. I sat there in silence…

I have to RELEASE in order to RECEIVE.

A closed fist can’t receive anything if it remains closed…so too a closed heart or closed mind. Things need to ebb and flow with ease and grace and I’m still trying to control everything!

It’s doesn’t mean I sit, wait and do nothing. I continue to forge ahead working hard holding my vision and creative ideas in clear focus. I regularly check in with my INSTINCT. I manage my fears by staying in the PRESENT moment.




So, how do you do that?


It’s not an easy task when you are in a state of confusion, sadness, anxiety, stress or overwhelm. Trust me, I get it but I do know that these three things work for me:

  1. Jog
  2. Be surrounded by nature
  3. Listen to a meditation / hypnosis recording

When I say jog, that is obviously not sitting still but I will run out my negativity, shake that energy inside of me and release it, then I can sit quietly in nature.

Release and Receive…

After I humbly said, “Thank you” and hiked back out of the forest I went to teach. One of my students brought a song she needed to learn for an audition. We had never worked on this song before. Here are the words:

Come and find the quiet centre in the crowded life we lead, find the room for HOPE to enter, find the frame where we are freed, clear the chaos and the clutter, clear our eyes, that we can see all the things that really matter, BE AT PEACE AND SIMPLY BE.

Isn’t that lovely? I smiled from the inside out. It was far from a ‘bad’ day after all…it was another lesson in humility and grace…another gift…another reason to be GRATEFUL.

Thank you.

Have a beautiful weekend my dear readers…blessings to you all!

With a smile,



What Have YOU Learned?

I had an interesting question asked of me the other day while having dinner. After I listened to this person describe some things she’d learned from a course she was taking, hearing all the details, facts and theories presented to her at this course, she finished by saying:

So, what have YOU learned in the last 3 weeks?

My immediate response was a smile. Ah yes, the status of doctor versus entrepreneur must be established in addition to age and experience for she is older than me. She wanted to see what facts and figures I could spew out to match her intellect. I love her to bits but I wasn’t about to play the game.

What have YOU learned? WHAT have you learned? What have you LEARNED?

What I learned over the last little while had to do with people. Here are a couple examples:

I learned one of my 10 year old students thinks she is fat. She compares herself to the other girls in her class and told me her father said she is ‘pudgy’. She’s 10. She’s talented. She’s incredibly wise, intuitive and she writes songs that are better than some major artists on the radio. She is an incredible human being.

I discovered one of my teenage students now has a boyfriend. He opens doors for her and walks her home from school even though it’s in the opposite direction of where he lives. She smiles when she mentions his name.

I didn’t know my dear friend’s first name is actually Michele…she goes by her middle name…or another friend has 9 names…well, he’s not sure how many are on his birth certificate…

After speaking to a sales assistant at a lingerie store I discovered she is a teacher who used to do youth counselling. She said many years ago when she first started talking to kids it used to be about sex, drugs and relationships, now they talk about anxiety and feeling overwhelmed.

This is a fraction of what I’ve learned but this is what I VALUE in life: Connecting with people.

The original question asked of me was from someone who was learning about leadership in the corporate world. Leadership in my opinion, is about people and the quality of your relationships. I found a great article on leadership called: Power in Praise

I value TIME spent with people: LISTENING, VALIDATING and RECOGNIZING them. It’s about being AUTHENTIC and speaking from your HEART. It’s the CONNECTION built on a genuine interest in learning about who they are as a human being.

I think education is enormously valuable but I also think it doesn’t always happen in a classroom.

I think you can be the smartest person on earth but still have much to learn about emotional intelligence (compassion and empathy). I also know highly educated people who lack common sense. Ultimately, we are all students and we are all teachers. We learn through our actions, effort, from listening, observing, reading, taking notes and being open in mind and heart.

Have a great day connecting with each other and don’t forget to check out the article; it’s a good one!

With a smile,




A Meaningful Life – A Life Of Meaning

I had some interesting conversations, read some fascinating articles and watched some thought-provoking speeches over the weekend.

One thing that rumbled around my head and tugged at my heart was the topic of purpose…what is your life purpose? What is the purpose of certain events happening in the world today and in the past? It’s a big topic and I will only touch on a small part of it.

I think we all want meaning in our life and we want to know our life has meaning.

The question of “What is my life purpose?” has caused me some confusion and grief throughout my lifetime.

I think that happens when you are focusing on what you don’t have instead of what you do have in your life.

You are thinking from an EGO standpoint rather than from INSTINCT, which is your inner compass and library of wisdom. Perhaps you have EXPECTATIONS from others or from yourself but they may not be in line with your real purpose so things are difficult as you grind through days, weeks and years.

We all have strengths and weaknesses and we all have the ability to be kind and loving towards others.

I think purpose lies in what we are given and what we possess whether it’s a natural born talent or something we’ve learned through experience or education and then you have a CHOICE of whether you impact the world in a positive or negative way.

For example, I know that I love inspiring others through writing, performing and connecting with people on a heart level. I think I am strong in these areas. I also believe I have deep empathy; I love brainstorming and I get excited assisting others to face their fears and honor a goal that is important to their personal growth.

I believe my purpose is in line with these things I’ve listed.

I also know I am NOT interested in how my car engine works and I have no desire on how to knit a scarf. I am not passionate about fossils and I don’t retain information about sciencific equations or math. I’m okay with that because it’s not how I was designed.

It’s not my PURPOSE and comparing myself to others who are strong in those areas serves neither myself or the world because it’s not honoring who I am and what I can GIVE to YOU!

It’s realizing what tools / talents / abilities you possess and then use those to SERVE the world and make it a better place to live.

If that means you are exceptional at crunching numbers or selling shoes then that is VALUABLE to the world because YOU are VALUABLE to the world.

If you are unsure of your attributes, write out a list and ask your friends/family their opinion to help you start. Sometimes another perspective is useful.

Every single person who ever existed and exists today has purpose.


Downplaying your gifts, talents, skills, intelligence and ideas serves no one. The world needs your positive contribution.


With a smile,