You Are More Powerful Than You Think

What are two things that you need to create change in your life?

  1. The deep DESIRE and COMMITMENT to change.
  2. The BELIEF change is POSSIBLE.

Today, I am going to share a very interesting and thought provoking video that I thoroughly enjoyed.

It’s a video about the profound changes everyday people were able to overcome; people just like you. These people suffered from various things but I found the PHOBIAS, such as FEAR OF HEIGHTS, SEVERE SOCIAL ANXIETY and a DEEP FEAR OF SINGING IN PUBLIC to be of particular interest. (I work with singers. Fear, anxiety and extreme self criticism greatly hinder their ability to share their voice.)

The facilitator, Derren Brown, says:

We ALL have the innate psychological ability to achieve dramatic changes in our lives.

And he proves this through various things he does with the people he works with…

He also says:

I believe we all have the resources to make powerful changes in our lives if we give ourselves PERMISSION.

He says the SHIFT IN ATTITUDE was what helped the people he worked with get over their extreme fears, phobias and ailments.

Derren works with suggestion…and I began thinking…who planted seeds inside my conscious mind which then settled into a belief in my subconscious?

It comes down to parents/family, church, teachers, coaches and then friends, peers and now television, video games, music, magazines and social media. They all add something to your BELIEF SYSTEM…sometimes it’s positive and sometimes it’s negative.


I don’t suggest you blame others for your current situation. What I’m saying is we should be very conscious and mindful of what we put into our body whether it’s the food we eat, the drink we swallow, the products we put on our skin or the thoughts, images, music, and influences we put into our brain. We should also be aware of how we may influence others.

CLICK HERE for the video. Watch and absorb. You may or may not like his technique but PAY ATTENTION TO THE MESSAGE and let it create change in your life.


Let me say that again:




“It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life for me. I’m feeling good.”

It’s a two part series, but I’m asking you to focus on the first one; which is the one I’ve shared. CLICK HERE. The second one is also available if you find this one interesting / intriguing. If anything, it will warm your heart to see people embrace their true SELF and be EMPOWERED.

With a smile,



The Time Is NOW

It has been an interesting couple of weeks since I last wrote. I have had incredible conversations with amazing people and a powerful epiphany that continues to reinforce the same message I’ve been hearing and experiencing since mid February.

The epiphany came to me while I was driving. For me, driving is almost like a meditation, although aware of the road, my mind also empties and then fills with creativity and answers.

This time I had a very clear message, given to me as a vision:

I’m 95 years old, lying in a bed with soft cotton sheets and a light blanket around me. I am frail, tiny and literally taking my last breath in…

I realized that final breath of life contained all the information I missed over the years.

A profound wisdom overcame me because I never understood the POWER I possessed, nor did I realize the beautiful human being I was…

In that moment, at 95 years old, I understood on the deepest level that I’d never truly expressed all I could be, in fact, I was so scared, I hid from my own self and therefore I was frightened to share it with others…

That breath showed me all the people I MISSED helping because I was too afraid to embrace who I was and share all that I have.

What a powerful vision. I do not want my final breath to be the moment when I realize the incredible ENERGY, POWER and LOVE I possess was not even close to being utilized…that I, Tina Moore, created blocks and obstacles diverting my real purpose and making my journey more complicated than necessary.

I realized in that moment, driving my car…


Later on, I watched “Eat Pray Love“. Every time I see the movie, I get something else…this time it was a particular phrase:

God dwells within you, as you.

You decide what “God” means to you…whether it’s spirit, higher power, universal energy, instinct etc…

That inner light you possess is your individual, private telephone line to wisdom and knowledge which acts as your guiding force.

As I watched the movie I realized how disrespectful I have been to that guiding force…to the God that dwells within me…

To not LISTEN and in fact, to condemn mySELF, I ignore and condemn the God or the higher source of POWER, LOVE, KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM that lives within me.

I had this “A-HA!” moment where I realized how incredibly disrespectful I have been to this source. Any negative thought, action or doubt is profoundly disrespectful to the incredible power we have all been given to access as our personal life coach.


I did not beat myself up over this new clarity, in fact, I began to feel enormous GRATITUDE for my life…my creativity, empathy, health, my voice, relationships etc … all the experiences, opportunities and beauty my life possesses…

I have struggled, sometimes fighting for my sanity, protecting my body, and battling fear, doubt, shame or self loathing. Circumstances were sometimes out of my control and extremely damaging BUT consistently present in my life was the inner force having all the power to HEAL, GROW and RISE above the ashes…


Look in the mirror and honor the miracle of your life…honor the pain and struggles you have SURVIVED…honor the unlimited POWER and LOVE you possess…EMBRACE all that you are; do not be afraid of your power.

God dwells within you, as YOU.

With love and a smile,



Greet Everything With a YES!


Over the weekend I received the same message from three different people. These people did not know each other and were both male and female, ranging from an age of mid twenties to mid forties.

In one instance, I was relaying a story about my previous weekend. I went for drinks with a friend not knowing the other 10 people who showed up. We were at a restaurant that later turned into a nightclub with a crowded dance floor.

I really wanted to dance…

…but I did not dance…

I sat in my chair, stuck by my own LIMITED THINKING.

In my mind, if I’m flirty, sassy, spontaneous and playful Tina oozing sexuality and passion and I show my wild side, I’ll attract attention. I fear I’ll make other women uncomfortable or I’ll be judged and I may attract attention from men I don’t particularly want…so I limit myself. I am frustrated and realize this is the pattern, the category, the small, lonely little corner that I now exist.

The individual in his twenties very casually asked me:

“How’s that working for you?”

Terribly! It’s not working at all! In fact, it’s making me MISERABLE, FEEDING FEARS and INSECURITIES and taking me further away from my TRUE SELF.

He shrugged, smiled and I laughed because he was putting me in the hot seat where I usually put others…he challenged me and I realized somewhere along the way, striving to live with INTEGRITY I morphed into PERFECTIONISM. Yuck.

It reminds me of a Conscious Divas function I attended. I didn’t really know any of the women that night. The exercise was to strut down the red carpet. Music was pumping and since I love to dance, I decided:

“The hell with it, I am going to be me.”

I swiveled my hips, strut my stuff, had fun and embraced being a woman: Strong, sexy and alive!

Funny thing, I made friends that night. I had one woman say that BECAUSE I showed my sassy side, it allowed her to do the same; therefore, enhancing her experience. My friend Kim, who I met that night said to me this weekend:

I love that Tina! She’s fun, sassy and full of fire! That’s what I was attracted to that night…your energy!

In a separate conversation, I was debating (over analyzing) something and another friend said:

“Don’t think so much.”

I laughed, It’s true. Instead of allowing myself to just be present, or take a leap of faith, I stop myself by over analyzing and thinking of all the pluses, minuses, what ifs etc. It is limiting my life.

It reminds me of a great article featuring Tina Fey. She spoke of her training in improvisation and how it’s helped her in life. In improv, when someone presents an idea, you accept that idea and go for it. If you say no, you block the scene from going anywhere.

You must say YES for the scene to expand and evolve.

She then applied this to life. Generally speaking she said “YES” to most experiences or opportunities that came her way.

“Greet everything with a YES.”

“The FUN is always on the other side of a YES.”

By saying “YES” she created the life she has now.

How great is that? I love it and I’m paying attention to the messages I am receiving:

“Be who you are! Let your hair down! Show your fire! Get a little wild! Let go of your limitations and open yourself up to the opportunities for FUN! SAY YES!

Indeed…that’s a good life choice.

What YES are you going to embrace today?

With a smile,



The Healing Gift Of Nature

I had a great hike into the mountains yesterday. It wasn’t a long hike because I had a couple meetings but I knew I needed some fresh air and time to connect to SELF.

I had never been on this particular trail and I came across a bridge over a very full creek which was loud and forceful. I kept walking up the mountain through big trees, beautiful green moss and ferns.

What time is it? Do I have to get back? Make sure you aren’t late for your appointments…

Chatter started to fill my head.


I watched my dog as she explored the trees, roots, leaves and branches on the forest floor. She was in the moment. I love her for reminding me to take life today…not later today or earlier today…but right NOW…

I kept walking, climbing up and down the trail taking in every detail. The quiet of the forest was peaceful and exactly what I needed. It wasn’t a huge workout for my body but it was a calming of my mind offering serenity and peace.

On my return I stopped at the bridge I had crossed earlier. I stood in the middle facing the water. With spring approaching and the winter snow melting, the water was loud and the sound consumed me. I listened to it roar and let it fill my head.

I had a moment of clarity realizing the very thing I SEEK I also BLOCK due to my deeply rooted belief system.

I took a deep breath and visualized the clean, crisp and powerful water flowing through me…bringing all the things I desire in my life. Because the water was so loud, negative thoughts couldn’t form in my head to counter the visualizing I was doing…

Exhaling, I imagined the water crashing down my walls; which, consciously or unconsciously, I’ve built around what I desire. The negative beliefs, fears and debilitating thoughts were washed down the mountain, into the ocean and far away from my life…

It was a powerful moment – eyes closed – just visualizing, listening to the force of the water surrounded by the quiet of the trees and surrendering myself to that moment.

I love my time with nature because everything becomes crystal clear…I have the quiet but incredibly strong sense of what I need to do and the TRUST I spoke of yesterday to fulfill my purpose.

I realized all I desire to experience in life is trying to make its way to me…I AM THE ONE STOPPING IT.

Just like I visualized with the water, I need to allow life to flow through me…

As I returned home, although I didn’t have a runner’s high, I had a nature high. Connecting with nature is so important to wellness both physically and mentally. I felt happy and serene after that short little hike. I found my inner solitude and it stayed with me for the rest of the day.

If you have the ability to connect with nature this weekend, I highly recommend it. You’ll find it to be very healing.

With a smile,



Trust vs Fear

This past week had everything to do with TRUST and everything to do with FEAR.

I put an enormous amount of TRUST into people I don’t know. This was scary for me but also quite liberating. I had to TRUST that my initial meeting with them was from a place of INTEGRITY and they were going to HONOR that integrity.

I made some pretty big decisions and I had to put TRUST into those decisions without seeing past the consequences of how it will work out because in all honesty, I have no idea how it will work out!

Once I let go of my FEAR, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders. Let me tell you, it was not pretty releasing that fear. I put myself through a helluva week but I reminded myself: I am a SURVIVOR; I am STRONGER than I give myself credit and I need to remember that I have everything I need to be SAFE, SECURE and HAPPY. I decided to TRUST and BELIEVE it will be okay…seems so simplistic doesn’t it? Sometimes the best answers to complicated questions are the most basic and elementary.

In addition, I had to TRUST that saying goodbye, although difficult, is a good choice when you know in your heart that you are limiting someone’s experience and you can’t give them what they need.

I also had to TRUST that in other areas of my life, somehow, some way and in some form I will receive the assistance I need. I must continue to move FORWARD instead of being paralyzed by fear and overwhelm TRUSTING that by doing so, ENERGY is created to attract more positive energy.

When fear and anxiety take over, they are very loud and it’s hard to hear the other quiet voice. This past week, I could hear my voice of wisdom but I allowed negative, fearful thoughts to create a riot in my head, taking over until I reached exhaustion. Once I SURRENDERED, the quiet calm of reason and instinct took over.

I don’t pretend to have everything figured out…in fact the more I learn, the less I realize I know…but for today, I trust everything will be okay, and for that, I am grateful.

With a smile,